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Fact Sheets:
2024 Presidential Candidates 

Leading in the Polls


Currently, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are leading in their respective primaries. 

Major Republican Candidates 

Donald Trump

45th US President

Currently leading in the polls

Vivek Ramaswarmy

American entrepreneur 

Ron DeSantis

Current Governor of Florida

Asa Hutchinson

Former Governor of Arkansas

Nikki Haley

Former Governor of South Carolina

Chris Christine

Former Governor of New Jersey

Doug Burgum 

Governor of North Dakota 

Tim Scott

Senator for South Carolina

Major Democratic Candidates 

Joe Biden 

Current US President

Dean Phillips

House of Representatives Minnesota's 3rd District

Marianne Williamsen

American author

Cenk Uyger 

Media Host

Major Independent Candidates 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Environmental lawyer and conspiracy theorist 

Independent candidate

Formerly ran as a Democratic candidate 

*on standby 

Joe Manchin III

Jill Stein

Physician and environmental activist

Green Party candidate 

Larry Hogan 

Former Governor of Maryland

Independent candidate

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