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Major Goals

Fair Elections 

This means eliminating all forms of voter suppression and motivating as many as possible to go vote. It also means banning the process of gerrymandering, ensuring a more balanced group of elected officials and educating eligible voters on their rights and local laws.



Public Financing ​

We support public financing of all federal and state campaigns. This would allow for some regulation in the matter and create a more even race for all candidates involved

Voting Rights Act 

By reinstating this act, we as a general public can ensure racial discrimination isn't contributing to an entire population from going unheard and underrepresented.



Rank Choice 

Rank choice voting has been implemented in some state elections and has proven to be successful and lead to a better represented public. Voters would rank all candidates rather than chose a single person.

Citizen's United 

This act allows for corporations, nonprofits, and unions to contribute unlimited funds to campaigns. By overturning this, we can try to refocus campaigns on actual politics rather than who can afford the most air-time or advertising.



Term Limits/ Gerrymandering

All government positions should have term limits to ensure the elected representatives are still in touch with the ever-changing populations and issues plaguing them.Gerrymandering is a way to manipulate districts and populations to make it appear as though there is a majority supporting a specific candidate which often negatively impacts minority groups

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