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By voting and encouraging others to do so as well, you are getting your voices heard. It may not seem like it, but by voting you are influencing politics and can ensure that your needs are addressed.


There are numerous organizations aimed at voting related issues such as gerrymandering, voter suppression, and education. Support your local organizations. We will also share groups we have found and chose to support through our social media


Explain to your friends and family members how important their vote is. Educate them on political candidates and their platforms so they can make informed decisions


Get Involved

Whether it be with us, another organization, or just you and some friends, there are plenty of ways to make a positive change.You can protest, donate to campaigns, volunteer at election sites, etc.

In today's world information is everywhere but depending on the source, it's often colored by internal bias. Go to multiple sources and fact check information before forming your own opinions. The best way to make a positive impact is to make informed decisions

Do Your Research

How to Encourage People to Vote

* Make it a law that everyone must vote. If you don’t vote, you have to pay a fine

* Make voting easier by allowing people to just walk up to a booth, write down all their information for registration and vote.

* Make it a law for ad campaigns to tell the truth and not bend truths or else get fined or taken off the air.

* Make it clear that if you vote, you will not be put on some government watch-list, like the one you’re on right now by the IRS.


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