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2020 Executive Committee Members

Shawn M. Lynch & Samantha Feldbaum, Co-Presidents

Amanda Pelrine, Vice President

Iris Fitzsimmons Christensen, Vice President for Communications

Karolina Hogan, Vice President for Research

Kyhee Park, Vice President for Social Media

Caitlin Chin, Deputy Vice President for Social Media

Arman Sadighan, Director of Digital Media

Sommer Hoffman, Director of Internet Technologies

What Does Better Elections Now! Stand For?


Better Elections Now! members want all constitutionally-qualified US citizens to have free and fair access to the polls, in person or by postal vote, regardless of the voter’s candidate or condition. We launched our non-partisan voter education campaign "LET US VOTE!" in the summer of 2020, to educate as many voters as possible through social media on issues related to voting and the 2020 elections.

Better Elections Now! members stand foursquare in opposition to Donald Trump, fascism & Trumpism.

Better Elections Now! members believe in the equality of all people, hope for the happiness of all people, and work for peace, prosperity and progress for all humankind.

Better Elections Now! members believe that the political system of the United States has failed, the Constitution has failed, and our leaders and institutions have failed all of us. We believe we need major political and social reforms. We believe we must repair the incalculable damage done to the United States and the world by the era of neoliberalism.

Better Elections Now! members wish to “Build Star Trek” — to bring an end to war, poverty, misery, violence and dehumanization; to expand out into the universe and discover its wonders; and to be the first planet in the United Federation of Planets!

Please join us!

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