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Civic Duty

As an American citizen, it is your duty to vote and exercise the independence and rights that your ancestors risked everything for


You pay taxes , why wouldn't you want to have a say in how your money is allocated? By voting you influence government funding


If you are unhappy with the current state of things... VOTE! You have no right to complain if you don't take part in the solution

Be Heard

Voting ensures the things that directly affect you get addressed. Otherwise they might be ignored or underrepreseented


By not voting, your forfieting your voice. We have the oppertunity to help choose a candidate who will better this country, why not use it


Democracy is founded on  the belief that everyone should be heard. By not voting you endanger the very nature of the country


Refusing to vote is not rebellion, its surrendering to the wants of "the man" and the governement. Stand strong

Breaking Ties

In a close election, your vote can make a world of difference. In 2018, the Democratic Primary in Baltimore was decided by 17 votes


The outcome of an election has life changing consequences. Voting can also prevent certain policies from getting passed.


Voting fosters independent thought. Why let other people make decisions for you. Value yourself and make sure you are heard


it is your way to communicate your feelings on policy and courses of action. By voting for a politician you show support for his platform.


By voting you are honoring the thousands of people who have died or protested to acquire/defend the right to vote

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