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Better elections now! 2023 executive committee

Shawn M. Lynch, Ph.d., Co-Founder and President

Shawn M. Lynch, Ph.D., is a Lecturer in Social Sciences at Boston University’s College of General Studies. He received his Masters’ Degree in United States History, 1500-present, from Villanova University in 1997; and a Ph.d. in 20th Century United States political history, with a concentration on free speech in times of crisis. His dissertation, “‘In Defense of True Americanism’: The Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts and Radical Free Speech, 1915-1945,” examined the role of the Boston-based CLUM in defending free speech during that turbulent era. 


In 2016, in the aftermath of the election, he, with some of his students, colleagues, and friends, founded Better Elections Now! to lobby the Presidential Electors to go rouge, that is, to choose a candidate other than Clinton and Trump. This effort failed. 


In 2020, Better Elections Now! was reactivated with the help of student volunteers Caitlin Chin, Iris Fitzsimmons Christensen, Sammie Feldbaum, Sommer Hoffman, Karolina Hogan, Kyhee Park, Arman Sadighan, and others. 

I can be reached at or

Jaclynn Cooper, Co-Vice President and Social Media Director


Alexa Hankins, Co-Vice President and Research Director

Kendall House, Art Director 

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