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What Does It Mean to 'Build Star Trek'?

In my previous entry I told you that one of the first things I say to my students is "We should build 'Star Trek'!" Over the year I explain what that means to me, and I shall do so in this forum and on video as well. It is a long explanation.

However, I can offer a summation for now, with details to following in various formats. So: what do I mean when I say, 'build Star Trek'?

It means ending the reign of the 19th century -isms once and for all; it means moving beyond hierarchical society using the technology that makes that possible; it means building a society where people struggle to better themselves mentally and physically, but they do not struggle to eat or afford medication. Where ever person has the best education possible, has the best housing and medical care and infrastructure they need to build a life. We could have this society now, and it is a crime against humanity that we do not.

How to begin? How to chart a way forward? These are the questions I will attempt to answer in coming entries.

Shawn M. Lynch is the co-founder and Co-President of Better Elections Now!

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