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Dr Doom's Blog: Let's Build Star Trek!

Hello. I shall write more very soon. Please vote as soon as you need to, and please vote for a better society. Better Elections Now! members are committed to building a better society in 2020 and beyond, but there is a lot of work to be done.

To me, as a political historian of the 20th century United States, the only logical future is to build a version of "Star Trek": a society that advances into outer space, and where poverty, war, and misery are abolished, and the aim of the individual is physical and mental self-improvement and contributing to a better society; a society where people struggle to learn, to grow, and build, but not to eat or find medical care.

Thank you, more soon.

-Dr Doom

Shawn M. Lynch, Ph.d., is the co-founder and co-President of Better Elections Now!, and a Lecturer in Social Sciences at Boston University's College of General Studies. All opinions expressed are solely those of this author.

Let's Build Star Trek!

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